No paperwork? No problem. Short on time? Allow us to do it for you.

PPI Claim Process

We have developed our PPI Claim process to make it as easy as possible for you and minimise the work you need to do. So sit back and let us do the hard work for you.

The Crystal Legal PPI Claim Process

We can help people to claim back mis-sold PPI even if they have no original paper work or aren’t sure if they ever paid PPI.
Most of our customers have no idea that they had paid PPI and are surprised to find they have a case. Could you be one of them? Crystal can help you with your PPI Claim.

Does it cost extra?


There are no upfront costs with any of our services. We pay for the investigation from the start including postage costs. If we find there is no case and we can’t recover any funds, there is absolutely no charge to you.

If we are successful in recovering funds for mis-sold PPI our fee is 20%+VAT for the comprehensive service. We believe that this provides excellent value for the service we provide and enables customers to reclaim their money.

Is it more hassle?

Absolutely not. We do all the work for you and we keep you updated on progress. You will not be hassled with paperwork or lots of calls. We aim to make the process as easy as possible.

What does the Claim Process include?

  • Specialist claim handlers to manage your case on your behalf
  • We communicate with the banks, loan & credit card companies on your behalf
  • We Identify all reasons for mis-sell of any PPI
  • We build a strong case and challenge the lender for you
  • We negotiate the full and correct settlement compensation
  • We take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service if necessary
  • We keep you update by letter, SMS and email throughout the process

Sure Claim Process

Step 1

After you have filled in the form, one of our specialists will call you to help build a case on your behalf. They will ask you a lifestyle questionnaire that will outline the reasons for potential mis-sell.

Step 2

We will send you a pre-filled pack, once you have signed and posted back (pre-paid) we can start the process.

Step 3

We will then challenge the lender on your behalf with the evidence we have put together. We will include the relevant documentation to make your case as strong as possible.

Step 4

The lender should respond to the claim within 8 weeks by either accepting the claim in full, contesting the claim or turning it down. If we feel the outcome was unsatisfactory we will challenge the response and take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service if necessary.

Step 5

You receive your compensation – only when you are completely happy that we have negotiated an appropriate settlement for yourself. Our invoice* does not need to be paid until the funds have cleared in your account. If you don’t have any compensation then you would not be charged a penny!

* If you choose to pursue a claim with us after the free PPI enquiry service we will send you some paperwork to complete to start the claims process. Once you return the paperwork we will commence the claims process. If the claim is successful, our fee of 20% + VAT. A fee may be payable if you cancel after the cooling off period or we are successful in reclaiming any redress.

**A fee may be payable if you cancel after the cooling off period or we are successful in reclaiming any redress on your behalf.

* By submitting this form, you indicate your consent for Crystal Legal Services to contact you via the information provided in this form. For more information about how we use your information please read our privacy policy: Privacy Policy




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