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PPI was an Insurance sold alongside every type of finance you can think of to give you Protection in case of accident, sickness or unemployment by covering your monthly Payments.

PPI was widely mis-sold to the UK consumer because they didn’t need it, know they had it, or worse, it didn’t provide the cover described at a time when they needed it.

You may remember taking out the insurance when you had a loan, credit card, overdraft or mortgage.

You could also check past or current statements for PPI.

It may have been added at the point of sale (with or without your knowledge) it is not uncommon for the sale to be retrospective, for example, on credit cards via telephone sales.

  • If PPI was taken out on a credit card the insurance should show on your monthly statements under a variety of names such as ‘credit repayment protection’ and ‘lifestyle protection’.
  • If PPI was added to a loan the policy may only show on the original loan agreement or on the loan drawdown. It may be included in the title of your loan account statements e.g ‘Loan with protection’.

If you are not sure if you paid PPI and want the peace of mind of knowing then you can request the information from your bank directly or through a Claims Management Company who should provide this service for free.

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If you choose to instruct us to complain about an active/ live product you have had with your bank, and the complaint is upheld, the bank is likely to cancel that product or policy.

Should your complaint be upheld you are likely to receive an apology and some compensation from them.

Crystal Legal Services Ltd is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities CRM20182. Company registration 6837474.

We are a member of the Professional Financial Claims Association (PFCA), an organisation of CMC’s who work to the highest ethical and professional standards when dealing with Consumers and financial institutions. We subscribe to the PFCA Code of Practice and a copy of the Code is available at

We have also been a member of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) since the beginning of 2015 and joined the Call Centre Management Association (CCMA) in 2016 to ensure that we maintain high standards and best practice.

You don’t need to provide us with any original documentation about your finances to pursue a claim.

We can obtain copies of this information by writing to your lender to obtain evidence of any PPI you may have paid. This is to ensure that you receive the maximum compensation you’re entitled to and to identify any additional PPI claims that you may be unaware of.

We may need further information/documentation during the course of your claim, depending on the response from your lender.

Crystal Legal charge 20% + VAT of the total PPI redress offered by your lender, including any statutory redress.
We recover £1000 from your lender.
Our fees on this would be £240.00
(20% = £200.00 + VAT=£40.00)

Please be advised that this payment may be subject to income tax and you are responsible for any tax payments due. Please note, our fee is calculated on the full Compensation amount.
Our fee to reclaim mis-sold PBA is 30% + VAT.