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Who are the real Bad Boys of PPI?

Posted on: June 22nd, 2016 | Author:

PPI – who are the real bad boys?

In recent months we have been dismayed at some of the press coverage of Claims Management Companies. Yes, there have been some PPI cowboys out there who might have damaged our industry with sharp practices in the past, but the industry is now very closely regulated and monitored. Professional companies, such as Crystal Legal, follow a regulated and monitored code of conduct to ensure that consumers are not bombarded with inappropriate messages.

We are pleased to follow these rules as it shows that we provide an ethical and valued service.

We receive letters and thanks every week saying that we have provided an excellent service and many people state that they would not have progressed their claim without our help.

If the banks had not mis-sold in the first place and if they automatically paid back what they owed, the PPI Claims Industry would not exist. Claims Management Companies developed to provide a service to people who needed help, guidance and support to manage the claim on their behalf whilst they went about their own busy lives.

Many do not charge any upfront fees and are paid on results when the client has received the refund in their bank, so for many consumers it has provided a very valuable service. After all, you could cut your own hair, but you often pay a specialist to do it for you. Good claims companies offer a service to consumers and that is all we aim to do.

So we ask again, who are the really bad boys in the story?