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PPI deadline? – It’s a matter of time

Posted on: June 20th, 2016 | Author:

PPI deadline? It’s a matter of time!

After almost 7 years of banks reimbursing customers for mis-sold PPI, news has broken that the FCA are considering a potential PPI deadline.*  This has caused uproar across the nation as political and consumer groups argue the pros and cons of a potential deadline that could be imposed in two years’ time.

We wait to see the result of the consultation that the FCA are undertaking but we do urge people to look into their finances. There could be potential money out there for you to claim before any deadline is announced.

If a date is imposed, it could see numbers of applications increasing which may delay payments.

PPI Redress

Over 20 billion has been paid out in redress to over 10 million consumers so far** but there is £millions still left to be claimed. Maybe you have friends or family who haven’t yet found the time to claim. Click here to help them to start the initial enquiry.

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